As a teenager growing up in Connecticut, singer/songwriter Heather Fay vowed
that one day she would compile the world’s most perfect playlist. Try as she
might the list was never right - it seemed as if a song was always missing.
So one day, she came face to face with the Alvarez guitar sitting in the corner of
her Boston University apartment and decided it was time to start writing those
missing songs.

And so, her songwriting journey began. She wrote and wrote until she had an
album's worth of songs she deemed worthy enough to share with the world.
Those songs would become Heather's debut album "Scrape Knee’d Girl" – a
cozy, warm and groovy collection of songs she recorded onto analog tape at
Dirt Floor Studio, a little recording studio in the sleepy woods of the Connecticut.

Currently, Heather Fay is busy at work writing her next installment of songs and
still one day hopes to tackle that perfect playlist…

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