Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Creative Collage

Meet Ardith Goodwin and her Liquidated Dreams of the Sea 

Not just a Business Card, but a Expression Card! ( in my opinion ) is the best business cards option for the CREA+IVE minded like us. When you stand out with your creations you also would want to stand out with the way you communicate it to the world.

What Moo does is very unique, it lets you express the way you do, lets you keep it creative even using 50 different images on the front of the card if you'd like!

If you are a Photographer , Illustrator, Designer... The price range deserves a little sacrifice, but it's worth it! 

Keep it CREA+IVE

Saturday, October 8, 2011

RWPike's Photo Manipulation and Caricatures

I remember seeing Rodney's caricatures even before Google Plus showed up in my life... I'm not sure where, but I have. I find his work fascinating and fun! He brings every character to a level where no mater who or what, makes you smile!
What makes his art even more special, is the fact that he exaggerates facial expressions without transforming people into monsters.

Add CREA+IVE Rodney Pike on G+ 


Our first CREA+IVE Challenge this week was mainly focused on Illustrators; we asked them to illustrate the results of Frog+Shine+Banana+Cellphone .

We are happy to announce our first CREA+IVE to win :

Mark Rodriguez photographer, animator, graphic designer, illustrator, woodworker, screen printer from Tampa Florida.