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Be Creative, Live Creative, Share Creative

She calls Mobile, Alabama home but shares her love of art and writing with a global community. A retired educator, Ardith is self taught and has a love of watercolors and mixed media. 
As a colorist, she paints realistic watercolors, whimsical work in acrylics and mixed media, and is well known for her One Collage at a Time Series. "Creativity is a way of life for me. I live it, I share it, and the gift of it in my life is what helps ground me."
Ardith calls Google+ her network home as she connects with creatives around the world. "Sharing my art, my poetry, my belief that life is beautiful on Google+ is a way I stay connected to a larger creative collective.

In Mobile, she is one of 7 women partners in the Art(ology) Inc. co-op gallery in the heart of the Mobile Arts District. "As an artist and a woman, I am proud to be part of a group that values creative collaboration, support, and encouragement in the art world. When all is said and done, I am an ordinary person living an extraordinary life and couldn't ask for more."

Her artwork can be seen in Mobile at Art(ology) Gallery and Gifts and through her website where she writes about art, tech, and living as an artist with disabilities. 


My name is +Dean Bradshaw
I am in the constant pursuit of visual awesome.

Australian Photographer, has lived in California for the last 2 years and in a past life he was a Field Biologist working with snakes in Outback Australia. Talk about a career shift.

Using a combination of advanced lighting techniques, photoshop and CGI, Dean builds images that snap, crackle and pop.

San Diego Magazine - Top 50 People 2011 from FortyOneTwenty on Vimeo.
He takes client concepts all the way from photography to retouching and digital manipulation. A one-stop-shop if you will.

Based in Southern California or wherever you need him.

Photos by Dean Bradshaw